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It is always heartening to see positive news stories published in the media - and this week, there was a big one. The Online Safety Bill 2021, which passed in the Senate on Tuesday night, is a positive step forward for the protection and safety of our online platforms, and it is closer to becoming law. Trolling and abuse on our online platforms is harmful to users so it was pleasing that schemes will now be established to protect cyber abuse victims by forcing social media companies to remove damaging online content within 24 hours. The eSafety Commissioner has also been handed greater power to block access to domains and URL's where content is hosted. You can read more on how this will progress our safety online.

Our WNA events continue today in Hobart with the perceptive and creative story-telling entrepreneur Simone de Haas gracing our members in the spirit of building courageous cultures and the voices of each leader. We are continuing our physical WNA events in Brisbane in July with two kickass women including Jody Sainsbury who believes the future is truly female and then Katelyn Aslett who will share her incredibly diverse career perspectives and her loves of travel, colour and design. We are also excited to announce our Business Insights Virtual Series starting on 13 July - we can't wait! Read on to find out more.

We are thrilled to announce that our Winter 2021 Women's Network Magazine Edition is out now! In this edition, we focus on women in leadership, and the power of mentoring and networking. We have included excerpts from New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinta Ardern and her predecessor Helen Clark who have both been inspirations for many women as well as social photos and other wonderful additions. For WNA members, this edition is free and will arrive to your letterboxes in the next couple of weeks. If you want to purchase online or share the good news with a colleague or non-member, please do so quickly!

For a little something else, I have included information about World Wellbeing Week which highlights the importance of wellbeing and self-care and one of our lovely WNA members has shared the benefits of locking in a farmstay holiday. Additionally, it's important you find out more about the latest superannuation changes which come into effect on 1 July. It was also Olympic Day on Wednesday which means the Tokyo Games are only one month away!

As always, please share your knowledge and experiences in our WNA Facebook, Instagram and/or LinkedIn pages so other members can connect or utilise your services. I am always a phone call or email away if you need anything further.

Thank you as always for your support of WNA.

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WNA provides women in business with support and education to survive and thrive. Given the ongoing uncertainty in some Australian locations for events, we are kicking off the new financial year with our Business Insight Virtual Series and connecting virtually with our national membership and the business community.

In this series, you will hear from inspiring speakers and business leaders who share their secrets to business success. The series also includes a health and wellness component. Let's face it, sometimes we need to be reminded to take the time out and look after our mental health and wellbeing.

Our first presenter will be Caryn Walsh who is a Speaker, Coach and Facilitator and she is passionate about empowering women to thrive. Caryn will share with you how to become unstoppable and will address the all important factors of confidence and building courage.


  • Each virtual session will be recorded and sent to paying participants.
  • You can purchase a season pass which includes one complimentary session:
    • Members $75.00, Visitors $155.00 (all inclusive of GST)
    • Single sessions are: $19.00 for Members; $39.00 for Visitors (all inclusive of GST)
  • Future dates are: 10 August, 14 September, 12 October, and 9 November
    • Lock them in your calendar now so you don't forget!


Get comfortable with the idea of change...says our Guest Speaker, Jody Sainsbury from Kickass Women

Make Your Mark is a simple phrase, but one that is jam-packed with meaning and purpose. It means that we have a chance to create an impact, to stand out, to be women of influence - whether that's in our family, our friend group, our community or half way around the world. 

A great deal has been written about the pathways and barriers to women’s advancement into leadership positions. Concepts such as the glass ceiling, concrete walls, sticky floors and career labyrinths have received significant attention in research and popular media.

In a world where representation can make all the difference to girls' goals and self-belief, inspiring women are not only smashing glass ceilings, they're also dropping down a ladder.

Join your fellow WNA members on Thursday 22 July:


The Paddington Tavern, Given Terrace, Paddington


Katelyn Aslett has an incredible story and life journey to share. Some key childhood moments stood out that shaped her life and outlook to live fearlessly, with adventurous spirit, love and self belief. Katelyn started her solo travels when she was just 18 years old – to Africa. Here, she did community work assisting to build a school and dispensary. She also helped set up White Rhino rescue stations. Later in her early 20's she helped set up an organic flower farm. This started the next life journey when she became a creative designer for the next 20 years with her fashions being shown in New York, Paris and Hong Kong. 

She is currently in the corporate aviation world with Adagold Luxe, an industry impacted heavily by COVID-19. Katelyn has now, in her own words, "returned to my future" and created My Giving Table. Come and hear from Katelyn - her “why”, her lessons and journey in life. We are delighted to be hosting our South Brisbane event at Ralph & Co, Camp Hill with one of our newest members. Seating is limited to just 30 places, so get in quick this one is going to be a sell out!


HERSELF tells the story of Sandra, a young mother who seeks to rebuild her life from scratch and provide a safe home for her two young daughters. In order to do so, she must escape the grip of a possessive ex-partner, circumnavigate a broken housing system, and bring together a community of friends who can support her and lend a helping hand.

WNA is lucky enough to have some double passes to this film, courtesy of Madman Films, to share with members. Email us to request a double a pass and don't forget to provide your postal address! First in, best dressed.


In a world that needs wellbeing more that ever, it's timely that World Wellbeing Week has come around this month. Now in its third year, World Wellbeing Week provides the opportunity for participants worldwide to promote an overall awareness of wellbeing, including social, physical, emotional, financial, career, community and environmental wellbeing.

World Wellbeing Week also gives recognition to the professional practitioners in this expanding sector and highlights charities and social enterprises working hard in their own specific areas of wellbeing. It also provides a platform for leading organisations to stage their own events that support wellbeing strategies and activities whilst illustrating their respect for employees, customers, partners and suppliers.

You can be involved in World Wellbeing Week by sharing your stories and thoughts throughout the week on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The ever important hashtag is #worldwellbeingweek. I love a few simple tips that My Tribe Treat Box used which included completing work meetings on the move and sharing your lunchtimes with a colleague and walking around the block - it definitely refreshes you!


I enjoyed reading Fonthip Ward's latest WNA blog on the best reasons to stay at a farmstay in Australia for your next holiday. Having grown up on a farm, I am always recommending to people to take time out in the country and breathe in deep that beautiful country air. I love her seven reasons why staying and working on a farm could be just what you need to do:
  • Connect with product sources such as vegetables and meat
  • Interact with the animals - use your five senses, de-stress and revitalise
  • Embrace the health benefits such as fresh air, quality views and fresh, healthy food
  • After a hard day working with produce you will appreciate what is on your plate
  • Give back by supporting local farmers and buying their wonderful produce
  • Dress the part in your overalls, cowboy hat, sunnies and boots
  • You can take many photos of your adventures and share stories with others on your return.


Superannuation is always a topic that people avoid learning about (myself included) but it's always a positive step to stay up-to-date. Yesterday the Senate passed a trio of superannuation bills that have been described as the largest reforms since compulsory super was introduced in 1992. These reforms will include blocking underperforming funds from acquiring new members, "stapling" workers to an account that follows them to a new job, and providing an easier way to compare funds.

"Stapling" defined:

  • If an employee starts in a new role at a new organisation that does not have a nominated super account, their employer is required to make contributions to the employee's existing super fund. As the employee moves from job to job, they are essentially linked to the same super fund.
  • The idea is to reduce the number of people with duplicate funds whereby fees eat away at retirement savings.
  • Employees always have the option to choose their super fund and if a new employer has a better performing fund they can always change.
There are some concerns about stapling that include employees staying with a fund that may not be suitable for their future job or even employees staying with a fund that is underperforming for long periods. However, it is largely a positive step forward for planning for retirement.

Additionally, the Australian Government will also require most super funds to perform an annual test to ensure their products are genuine for consumers and underperforming funds will be prevented from bringing on new members. You can read more here about how from 1 July all super rates will rise from 9.5% to 10%.


What is your favourite Olympic moment? I've gone into the memory archives to find a few superb memories that I look fondly back on including:

This Wednesday we celebrated Olympic Day and all the unforgettable moments just like the four above. With one month to go until the Tokyo Olympics, it's a great time to reflect on a moment that stayed with you. 

During a period in our history that will go down as one of our most challenging, it's also a great time to reflect on what the Olympic Spirit is about - bringing people and nations together from all over the world to celebrate through sport and connection. We are behind our @ausolympicteam all the way! #tokyotogether

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