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My May 2021 calendar has just ticked over from April - wowsers! I look back and am proud of what we have achieved in the four months just passed - from our first Charity High Tea, to many engaging Fridays with Socialise at Sunset, and more recently a night of diamonds or two, WNA is proud of the events and members we've been able to connect with this year. And it's not over yet!

In exciting WNA news this week, May Member Month is here with some serious incentives to spread the word about WNA! I have highlighted three simple ways you can make the most of your WNA membership, and have profiled a WNA Member of the Week who is serious about supporting her business clients. We are proud of all of our members and each chance we get to share your passion and expertise is a win for you and our membership. I also love it when WNA members refer new people to our network so read on to find out how I am expressing gratitude to you!

Von Barnes, owner of Pinnacle properties was fantastic at our event yesterday in Brisbane - her inspiring personal story was both achingly funny and heartbreakingly sad. Read on to learn more about her wisdom and lessons learnt. You also still have time to sign up for two wonderful upcoming events in May - Business Future is Bright in Brisbane and lunch in Hobart with Rosalind Cardinal. Don't forget if you are free for more socialising on Friday 14 May you can join online with our monthly Socialise at Sunset (4.30pm AEST). During this virtual networking session we'll cover topics such as Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month, planning for end of financial year and how are members around the country are doing.

Today I want to give you that little something extra, so there is an opportunity to apply for a grant from Transurban, details of a new book from author and podcaster Jessie Stephens and a great reminder about Mother's Day.

Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the wonderful women in our lives - our mums, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, aunties, guardians and friends who are so influential each day. It is also a day that we think about those who don't have Mums, those who so desperately wish to be Mums and those who should be Mums. We send our love to you. However you celebrate this weekend, I hope you share a few laughs, serious hugs and few cups of tea or two as you enjoy the day.

Thank you as always for your support of WNA and please reach out if I can assist with anything.

Janelle ♥


It's easy to join WNA and here are three quick and simple ways you can make the most of your membership:

  • Contribute to our blog and include backlinks to your own business website to improve your search engine optimisation. Schedule it in your calendar and start writing!
  • Attend one of our upcoming events, hear from an inspirational speaker and get to know like-minded businesswomen. There are plenty of WNA Events in this edition to sign up for now!
  • The next edition of our business magazine is currently in production, but some advertising slots are still available. Reach our audience of businesswomen with a well-targeted advert. Increase your business or personal profile with a promotion!
  • Get involved in our Facebook Group! There are plenty of opportunities to share your wisdom with the group, promote your business and meet like-minded businesswomen.
Small but repeatable actions each and every day will go a long way towards developing your business and connecting with other like-minded women and talented business owners.


In her practice Everywhen Solutions, Gail Eaton-Briggs uses her expertise in public speaking, facilitation and coaching to design bespoke services that meet the needs of her clients. Gail is a thought leader and author having recently published her first book 'Conscious Grit: from stuck to unstoppable.' She also recently spoke at one of our Hobart events and the crowd gave great feedback on her presentation.

Available, accessible, responsive, consistent and reliable - her goal is to meet her client's needs.

Find out more about Gail and her book here.


It wouldn't be Member Month without some serious incentives! So let us lay them out for you:

  • Each time you refer a friend or colleague to WNA throughout May 2021 and that person joins our network, you will receive one free month of WNA membership for yourself!
  • Once you refer five people to WNA during May 2021 who join the network, you're entitled to a free gift from our excellent collection of new release books, movie tickets, stationery, magazine and more! We've got them packaged up and ready to go!
  • Refer nine people to WNA during May 2021 who join the network and we'll send you another wonderful free gift!
  • Even better, refer 12 new members to WNA during May 2021 and you'll be entitled to a FREE annual WNA membership for yourself and even more free gifts!
  • Last but not least, any WNA member who attends a WNA event during May 2021, including our virtual Socialise at Sunset, will enter the draw for a large hamper to be drawn at the end of the month. Each new referral will also put your name in the draw, so there are plenty of opportunities to put yourself in the running for our Member Month hamper valued at almost $1,000!


WNA Member Nici Bickley of Autom8Now shared it perfectly last year when she said blogs are a favourite part of her membership. To be truthful they are a favourite of mine too! As Nici said, the fantastic thing about our membership is the diversity of backgrounds, experience, businesses and knowledge and we should all be sharing it with each other!

And it helps your website SEO (search engine optimisation) too! To build your site's search engine position for different keywords you should be building your site's authority, trust and citations. You can also build your trust and SEO with the help of WNA. We are keen to read and share your blog articles on our website and through our social media platforms. Our WNA Blog will help your business get exposure as long as you link your article on WNA's website back to your own! It's a win for everyone's SEO!

Like anything new, trying to increase your SEO takes time, effort, patience and a fair bit of determination. Keep searching for opportunities to write and complete guest blogging opportunities - in 10 weeks your SEO scores will likely improve and so will your engagement. 

Read more from Nici here to find out more about the powerful benefits of blogging and then start writing a couple of your own!


Wow! What an event we had in Brisbane yesterday at the Paddington Tavern. The wonderful Von Barnes joined us as our speaker for the day and everyone in the room was so engaged we didn't want it to end!

Von shared her life story with us and the valuable lessons she learnt about herself and others along the way. The audience was able to participate by sharing their own ways in which they were motivated, have learnt to adapt and when they found they could believe in themselves.

Von had us in fits of laughter, brought us to tears and gave us goosebumps as well. It was a truly lovely event with almost 40 of our WNA members and friends also having the opportunity to network, win some great lucky door prizes and meet like-minded businesswomen.

Big thanks to Von and her team for a wonderful morning. We only wish we could do it all again!


Join us for conversations and networking with three prominent female business leaders, Alice Barbery, CEO Universal Store, Dominique Lamb, CEO National Retail Association and Liz Golding, Fashion Director of Illuminate. We will reflect on the impacts of the pandemic on the Brisbane economy and discuss the trends that are expected to shape Brisbane for years to come. 

For our WNA Members who find it difficult to attend daytime events, this is one for you! Not only do we have the opportunity to check out a wonderful space for small business owners, but we also get to hear from these three wonderful leaders.

We can't wait - and it's now less than a week away! Use the button below to book your tickets today.


For Shaping Change and Susan Fahey Consulting, lockdown could not have come at a worse time. Rosalind Cardinal and Susan Fahey launched their new flagship Emerge, in what was quite possibly one of the last face-to-face networking events held in Hobart. Pivot is becoming a very overused word, but pivot they did. Moving to blended online delivery opened new markets interstate and internationally for them. Emerge was better than they could have imagined and they have had many success stories.

What you will learn!

Rosalind Cardinal, Managing Director of Shaping Change, will teach WNA guests:

  • Why it is more important than ever for women to step into leadership
  • The three keys to success as women in business
  • The tools and methods that were used to bring Emerge to a global audience
  • What is next for Emerge.

Transurban run a community grant round once a year and offer grants of up to $10,000 for projects bringing social and environmental benefits to communities in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane near Transurban's roads. Grants close 31 May 2021.

The grant features a number of selection criteria including:
  • The benefit for communities close to Transurban roads
  • Ability to achieve lasting benefits
  • Potential to improve the lives of diverse, disadvantaged or underprivileged groups and many more.
  • To be eligible for a community grant your organisation must have Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status. You can find out the DGR status of your organisation on the ATO ABN lookup website.
For more information about guidelines, deadlines or queries, please email Transurban directly. APPLY NOW!


Jane Harper, the excellent Australian author of The Dry and The Survivors, says Jessie Stephens' new book Heartsick is thought-provoking, highly original and beautifully nuanced. She says "Jessie Stephens' journalistic skill shines as she weaves together true stories with a narrative as compelling as any novel."

Based on three true stories, Heartsick is a compelling narrative non-fiction account from Stephens of the many lows and occasional surprising highs of heartbreak as we follow the lives of Claire, Patrick and Ana. Bruising, beautiful, and achingly specific but wholeheartedly universal, it reminds us that emotional pain can make us, just as it breaks us, and that storytelling has the ultimate healing power.


"I am a strong woman because a strong woman raised me" - you are all strong women in the WNA Network and I hope you all enjoy this Sunday - whether you are celebrating your mother with a coffee and cake, whether you are a mother for the first time and you are enjoying your baby at home, or whether you are a motherly figure in someone else's life, thank you for your influence, guidance and wisdom. 

Do you know someone who would benefit from being part of WNA? 

Feel free to forward our Member Benefits link so they can join too! 


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