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Dear Guest,

Early July is a great time of year – I love walking around the neighbourhood and seeing the leaves of the trees changing colour. The golden glow of the foliage is quite calming and very classical. It’s also a time when my sleep patterns are terrible but for a great reason – Wimbledon! I love everything about the world’s most famous lawn tennis tournament and I am thrilled that we are able to follow the journey of Australia’s golden girl herself, Ash Barty. I even enjoyed the smiles and entertainment that the mixed doubles pairing between Nick Kyrgios and Venus Williams brought to the screens.

I also love the commitment to values and traditions – all white clothing, white tennis shoes, seeing Royalty in the boxes, the dedication of the umpires, linesman, and ball kids is mesmerizing, and watching spectators enjoy strawberries and cream is just a bit unfair!

Which leads me to the Olympics – with only two weeks to go, it is an exciting time for the 472 athletes in our second largest Olympic Team ever to leave Australian shores. It also the biggest representation of female athletes in an Australian Olympic Team at 53.5%. Sport truly does unite communities and spirits and we wish them all the best on their journey to Tokyo.

I promise you this edition is not just about sport. There are just so many learnings we can take from sport that can be applied to business – building a positive team culture, supporting team members to be their best selves, and overcoming adversity through injury and poor performance which you could argue is like losing business clients or experiencing a downturn in business revenue. Sports teams and individuals have good days and bad days just like all of us, but like Ash Barty’s performance psychologist, Ben Crowe presents in his latest podcast, it is those of us who continue to rise, continue to focus on what we can control, and support each other through the trials that will help us be successful and resilient during the good and bad days.

As a WNA Leadership Team, we are proud of how we have adapted and pivoted during this period – we have moved from physical events to online events during lockdowns, from online to physical events when business has opened up, we have embraced new guest speakers and different formats, our WNA magazine has evolved and flourished, and we have stayed connected to you, our valued members, through our socials and online platforms.

We will continue to serve you to be your best selves as businesswomen and leaders in your networks. One way we will do that is by changing up the way we communicate with you. From this point onwards, this communique will only be sent fortnightly, however you may receive emails in between about our upcoming events, both online and in-person. We recognise how busy you are and want to make sure we're not overdoing it and taking up too much of your time.

As always, I am open to your feedback and only ever a phone call away.

Stay safe and well this week and reach out if you need.

Janelle Bostock

CEO of Women's Network Australia


Episode One of our Business Insights Virtual Series is coming up fast - it's on  Tuesday 13 July from 12.00pm to 1:00pm.  This session features Caryn Walsh – a speaker, coach and facilitator who empowers women to thrive.


In a world where representation can make all the difference to girls’ goals and self-belief, inspiring women like Jody Sainsbury are not only smashing glass ceilings, they’re also dropping down a ladder. Don't miss this!


While we are feeling for our WNA friends and family in Sydney and greater NSW at this time, we are excited for our Melbourne colleagues that the event scene is re-emerging after a particularly challenging time. 

Having the opportunity to run our first WNA event in Melbourne after such a long time-out is refreshing and we are grateful we can make some in person meaningful connections once again.

Binh Rey, Principal Trademark Attorney at Pointon Partners, is a valued member of the National WNA Leadership Team and will be leading the discussion for women business owners on Thursday 29th July at the elegant Savoy Hotel on Little Collins Street in Melbourne

The event will give our valued members and guests an opportunity to have robust discussions, relate how they have pivoted and adapted their businesses in 2021 with others, and also enjoy each others company. The Savoy Hotel is conveniently located across from Southern Cross Station so you can walk or jump on public transport to arrive at the venue where you will enjoy a two-course sit down luncheon created by the Savoy’s Executive Chef. 

In the warmth of this wonderful heritage building, you will also enjoy coffee, fine teas, and great conversation with other guests. Please register now, bring your lucky door prize and your business card and enjoy a couple of hours out of the office.

Wisdom from our WNA Bloggers

One of our recent guest speakers, Gail Eaton Briggs, brought to us the concept of moving towards conscious grit. In her latest blog 'Tipping Points and Conscious Grit', she reminds us wonderfully of the power of finding your tipping point – that point where we all may be just treading water but really feel like we are drowning. 

She advocates that when we are at rock bottom or are experiencing heartache, this is the whisper, this is the time to turn the dial forward – the turning point to move towards conscious grit. I also love her thought that we have the strength and the capacity to recognise these turning points and lean in if we are brave enough to step through the new door. In her new book Conscious Grit: From Stuck to Unstoppable, Gail is determined and wise in showing others how determination, persistence, courage and a growth mindset helped her towards a better life. 

Jillian Bullock – our LinkedIn Ninja - is also always communicating valuable advice that helps everyone ,particularly in their own personal branding space. Her latest blog reminds us of the power of LinkedIn as a source of promoting ourselves, our businesses, and our networks. As someone who is still learning about the platform, I have always been grateful for Jillian's superb tips that have helped me succeed as CEO of a networking business and connect more with my audience. 

Asking for endorsements from valued colleagues is one of those skills which requires confidence, but as Jillian asserts – every endorsement and recommendation that we can achieve helps build our credibility and communicates our integrity to the marketplace. That could be one of your tasks this week – to develop a couple of endorsements that you could add to your LinkedIn profile.

Helping employees return to the office confidently

I also love the wisdom and ideas of Harvard Business Review contributing editor, co-author of the HBR Guide to Building Your Business Case, and co-host of the Women at Work podcast – Amy Gallo. In Amy’s most recent article, she presents some great tips to help business owners and managers support employees coming back into the office who may be experiencing anxiety. There are employees who will love returning to work and having the benefits of connection back, but there will also be colleagues who have been happier in their home environment, they have found a more productive way of working, and they don’t have to battle the traffic. 

For managers who may feel stuck, Amy has some great suggestions on how to overcome this hurdle:

  • Communicate with your employees through mediums such as anonymous surveys to assess their feelings and make the environment safer 
  • Allow people to have mixed and complex feelings and don’t force a tidy resolution
  • Offer flexibility which supports productivity, camaraderie and retaining people in your company
  • Communicate the value proposition for return to work vision from upper management
  • Consider experiments and pilot programs that give accommodation for anxious people to complete their best work
  • Confirm with Senior Leadership and HR before making promises you may not be able to keep in terms of workplace safety – set realistic goals for your team
  • Be compassionate and find small ways to be present for your staff and take care of your own mental health and wellbeing. 
Rest is a Businesswoman’s Best Friend! 

Last week after a beautiful couple of days in Stanthorpe, I came down with a bug that knocked me for six. Being ill and trying to run a business is a tough gig and I was anxious trying to get my tasks completed while also trying to get myself better and maintain my roles of mother and boss effectively. Rather than feeling guilty though about stopping as we all do, I took the time – I turned my computer off, found some quiet space and gave my body the opportunity to get back to full health. Sometimes even when the guilt is high, it’s a good reminder to stop and give your body a break so we can return as our best self for our businesses, families and others.

Fun ways to keep active

With lockdowns continuing across the country, staying active is great for our mental and physical wellbeing. Personally, I know how important my daily walk has been for clarity of thought, fresh air, and just getting pure enjoyment in my day. It’s also been good to hear how our WNA members have been staying active and getting a sweat up with a smile on your face! 
I thought these ideas from Queensland Health were fantastic for encouraging us to move our body for fun and for play just like we did as kids:
  • Find a good walking or running app that can transform your neighbourhood walk or run into an adventure
  • Shut your curtains, find a good tune that you love and get moving to some dance songs
  • If you don’t like the idea of wearing a mask at the gym, build your own workout at home or use some of the already made for you home workouts you can find online
  • Find a frisbee, take your dog, invite a friend, and count how many times you can catch between yourself and your friend
  • Put on your joggers and take your work meetings outside and walk around the block – you will increase your step count greatly
  • Your children will love you for this one – if you have a trampoline in the yard, step up and get jumping for an activity that will get your heart beating
  • It’s a bit of a laugh, but even vacuuming or mopping your kitchen will get you moving if you get your hips into it!

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