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Dear Guest,

On the back of National Volunteer Week, it was wonderful to hear so many of you giving your time to others and in particular, taking the time to mentor other women in small businesses from WNA to help achieve their goals. Volunteering doesn't have to be large - a quick five minute phone call to assist a fellow member with a query, or helping them to drive social media engagement (I am always learning something new about a new Instagram tool or Facebook ads), or referring a member for extra client work - all are small steps on the way to giving back to the WNA Community.

Autumn has brought many wonderful ideas, warm and sunny days, hot cups of chai tea and even a beautiful supermoon that graced our skies on Wednesday. May Member Month has been fulfilling from many viewpoints with a number of super events, new members joining our network and many friendships made. Next week we will draw the winner of the beautiful hamper prize for a lucky member who has been spreading some WNA kindness and love.

In this edition, Sue Lester reminds us of the power of a new adventure or even small daily adventures that will help get your spice back, we share the great reasons why our network is the place to be for your friends and business colleagues, and we meet a dynamic and dedicated WNA member who loves seeing her clients shine with public speaking!

Thank you to Rosalind Cardinal for your presentation in Hobart last week - our members were impressed with your wealth of knowledge, experience and passion for creating better workplaces, great leaders and teams. You can read on to find out more about our next Hobart event as well as how you can join our online Socialise at Sunset event on 11 June. We also have a special day planned for our Silver Circle and Platinum WNA members who will spend the day with one of Brisbane's finest philanthropists and not-for-profit legends at her stunning Hanworth House.

For a little something else, it's a great time to support our Australian businesses, I have a book for you that will help you find your courage and lead above the line and I found an artist on Instagram whose prints and quotes are exquisite.

We are thinking of our friends and members in Melbourne once again as you work your way through another lockdown. Please stay safe and reach out via phone or email if you even just want to chat - that is what our network is for, to help during the tougher times.

Thank you as always for your support of WNA and please reach out if I can assist with anything.

Janelle ♥


In 2014 the business focus was clear, Kim Taylor Ultimate Speaker was focused on training clients to be better public speakers, Ultimate Speakers, in fact! She helped them find their voice, hone their skills, and refine their messages by providing one-on-one client and group consulting packages and also ran paid group events across the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

In 2020, Kim launched the Ultimate Communicator Archetypes, a powerful Profiling Tool that provides deep insight into our unique and personal communication style. This led to a seminal strategic 'aha' moment with the business. It was time for her, and her business to expand its reach and impact. This saw the birth of The Ultimate Communicator, an expanded offering of development support for creating Ultimate Communicators in all areas from Speaker to Networker, to Sales, to Writer, and more!

The combination of both these strategic enhancements to the business has created an expanded structure that assists more clients in more and deeper ways. And, it has helped to elevate and expand the collective communications expertise, creating more and more Ultimate Communicators in the future.

And, as Kim admits, "I deeply love what I do and it makes my heart sing when I see clients light up, have transformations and reach their goals. The opportunity to expand the capacity for achieving these results and creating communications expertise at a deeper level, excites me on every level!"

Find out more using our Member Directory on the WNA website.


If you have been thinking about advocating for friends and family to join a business network and aren't sure if Women's Network Australia is the one for them, here are some of the unique benefits of WNA:

    • Our members genuinely have each other's backs. We help each other and only wish to see everyone succeed.
    • Whatever service you require, one of our members can help. All you have to do is search our member directory.
    • We love to get together and network, but we also love to learn. Our regular events allow us to do both.


Don't forget that throughout May Member Month, for each new WNA member that you refer, you're entitled to a month of free membership yourself. Even better, the more referrals you make the more opportunities you have to pick up a free gift and the more entries you have into our Member Month prize draw.

Please share this news with friends and colleagues you believe would benefit from being involved in a network like ours!


I loved the latest blog from WNA member Sue Lester about finding those small snippets of adventure that help us create and find our best selves and escape the grind of small business at times! It's a compelling reminder that even changing up the small things such as where you buy your latte every morning or changing your haircut can stimulate new energy and new thinking.

Opening ourselves up to new ways and modes of thinking can put our businesses into higher gear and help us find the traction we have been seeking. It helps keep your business fresh and innovative. If you want to plan a small or big new adventure it is important to plan and prepare well - where will you go, what will you do, who will support your business while you are away, do you need travel insurance or a pet sitter?

As soon as I read this article it reminded me of my younger self when I used to pack up my little car, a few clothes, a few snacks, a couple of books and headed off into the sunset sourcing that little adrenalin rush. It has got me excited again - maybe a trip to our nice neighbours New Zealand could be on the horizon and there are so many wonderful outback glamping sites to see in Australia - oh to dream! But for today, I might just try that new cafe shop around the corner I have been meaning to try.


Another wonderful WNA event was enjoyed in Hobart last week with guest speaker Rosalind Cardinal. Ros generously shared her insights about why it is more important than ever for women to step into leadership. She also discussed three keys for success as women in business and shared tools and methods that she is using through a flagship Emerge Program.

Our next WNA Hobart event is coming up on Friday 25 June with guest speaker Simone de Haas for the Perfect Pitch: The Art of Sharing Your Business Story. This one could be a real game changer for business!  

Stories can capture our imaginations, illustrate our ideas, arouse our passions, and inspire us in a way that cold, hard facts often can't. Throughout this dynamic presentation, multi-award-winning Theatre Director & Entrepreneur, Simone de Haas will share her top tips:

  • For identifying your perfectly persuasive business story
  • The techniques for sharing it most effectively
  • How to monetise your message for increased sales and customer engagement. 


While the WNA world has moved back into physical events, there is sometimes nothing like connecting with all of you nationally from home. If you are like me and enjoy spending some Friday afternoons with a nice glass of bubbly or a hot cup of tea, what better way to spend it than with more WNA friends online!

It's a great way to share tips and ideas that have worked in your business during the week. You can share a virtual hug if you had a challenging day or two, or you might just enjoy a casual conversation with friends as well. We are all friendly, supportive and happy to collaborate and share with everyone on the call.

Join us in two weeks for our next virtual catchup. Registration is free for WNA members.


Our Bespoke Series luncheons provide the opportunity not just to connect and have those meaningful conversations, but also opportunities to discuss the latest trends in areas such as leadership and entrepreneurial issues, and to make new connections while networking. At each luncheon we place a spotlight on one of Brisbane's senior businesswomen and their authentic self.

You will hear nuggets of gold and get a snippet of the relatability of that person. No glass ceiling here, just the raw truth about our authentic CEO's. We are excited to share that our next special guest is Marisa Vecchio, AM.

After being in the corporate world as a national CEO, Marissa took a break and in 2012 took on her biggest challenge, the restoration of the historic Hanworth House. The property is one of Brisbane's oldest, which was bought and restored in honour of her beautiful mother Romana Preston, who passed away the same year from ovarian cancer.

Marissa is committed to supporting women in business and the advancement of women through her not-for-profit work. A 2017 Order of Australia recipient and award wining philanthropist, we know you'll want to hear even more of her incredible story (plus get a tour of the stunning home)!

Get in touch today to secure your ticket to this bespoke event.


This week and every week is important for Australian businesses - it's Australian Made Week! You can support Aussie farmers, makers and manufacturers, by getting behind our Aussie logo - the green and gold Australian made, Australian Grown kangaroo logo.

Nearly all Australians know and trust the Australian Made, Australian Grown logo. The logo can be found on over 20,000 products, made or grown to Australia's high standards. As a consumer, you can do more than just buy genuine Aussie products that carry the logo. You can also join the Aussie Made Club for free and receive some amazing benefits such as going into the draw every month to win some fantastic giveaways.

How you can be involved:
  • Look for and purchase products with the Australian Made Logo
  • Spread the word on social media with the hashtags #AustralianMade and #AustralianMadeWeek and tag @australianmadecampaign
  • Consider your purchasing decisions carefully - when you purchase Australian Made you are also supporting local farmers and suppliers
  • Tell your friends and family about Australian Made Week and encourage them to buy local and Australian
  • Enter competitions to have a shot at some fantastic prizes such as thongs, pet gear and a sleep pack!


Dr Amy Silver is a highly sought after speaker and mentor in the area of fear and fear management. Her programs drive remarkable team performance at work by teaching people to be more courageous in their behaviour and have more courageous conversations. She is the founder of The Courage Club, the place to outgrow your fears.

In her easy-to-read latest book, The Loudest Guest, Amy shares with you the six essential steps to reduce the power of your fear voice and create a more powerful you. Matt Church, Founder of Thought Leaders, is a great advocate of Silver's work and loves "the idea that fear is an honoured guest and that we are the host of our own party is profoundly useful. Leading above the line is above having the courage to make peace with all our internal voices and create from a place of power."

If you are scrolling instagram today or over the weekend in your downtime, please check out the work of exquisite artist and creator, Iulia Stration. Her fine art prints are beautiful and the quotes to match are breathtaking.

Iulia's passion is creating art and she feels one of the best communication mediums there is - is through art! So she decided to start sharing her passion with the world all the way from Switzerland.

The response has been rapid and you can see why! Check out Iulia's website for more inspiration!

Do you know someone who would benefit from being part of WNA? 

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