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Dear Guest,

Who feels like May is flying by?! It only feels like yesterday that the cool breezes of Autumn were on us and now we are nearly in June! It's certainly been cooler and the ugg boots have been getting a fair run in our household just in time for Winter. In other cool news, this month has brought many positive events and opportunities - today our Hobart members are getting ready to hear from a woman who is successfully Shaping Change - Rosalind Cardinal. I hope everyone has a fantastic day today.

This week has also been a pivotal one for volunteers - National Volunteer Week 2021 is Australia's largest celebration of volunteers. Each year six million volunteers dedicate over 600 million hours of volunteer time to helping other people in need. The theme is 'recognise, reconnect and reimagine' and the Wave Your Appreciation Campaign is back to recognise the great work volunteers do each and every day. Share your wave photo with us in the WNA Facebook Group and your network socials with the hashtags #NVW2021 and #waveforvolunteers.

May Member Month has continued with enthusiasm and momentum and your support for our events has been very heartening. Many of you have gone into the draw for this month's prize hamper on the back of your support for a number of our WNA events. Last week in Brisbane, during the pouring rain, your dedication and drive to turn up and brave the elements was brilliant! Thank you! Speaking of supportive members, Bronwyn Condon instils the power of referrals in her latest blog and there are so many positive reasons why a guest speaking role could be the catalyst for your business.

While every woman and her family deserves the best that life has to offer, May is also a powerful reminder of the impact that domestic violence can have in the world. WNA continues to partner with Women's Legal Service Queensland at our major events to raise awareness and support those in need to lead safer and more fulfilling lives. Please read on to join in our next Socialise at Sunset in June and Silver Circle and Platinum WNA members save the date for a Bespoke Series event with one of Brisbane's finest philanthropists and not-for-profit legends.

For a little something else, I found a great piece on how first impressions really do count when starting a new job or when approaching your new client, and I have a book for you that will engage your cultural intelligence. And lastly, there is nothing like a little quote to stimulate the mind and motivations!

Thank you as always for your support of WNA and please reach out if I can assist with anything.

Janelle ♥


We love it when you contribute to our WNA blogs, share your wisdom in our WNA Facebook Group, and attend our fabulous events! And we also love it when our phenomenal members put their hands up to be a guest speaker at one of our events. There are so many benefits to your personal development that come with having the courage to promote your stories and your businesses:

  • Helps with your career advancement
  • Boosts your confidence
  • Improves your critical thinking skills
  • Improves your communication skills
  • Helps you make new social connections
  • Helps you increase your brand and personal profile
  • Expands your professional and personal networks
  • And makes you feel super satisfied!
So what are you waiting for - join the queue - we want to hear from you!


This month is rapidly evaporating and we want you to be part of our freebies and referral incentives:

  • Each time you refer a friend or colleague to WNA throughout May 2021 and that person joins our network, you will receive one free month of WNA membership for yourself!
  • Once you refer five people to WNA during May 2021 who join the network, you're entitled to a free gift from our excellent collection of new release books, movie tickets, stationery, magazine and more! We've got them packaged up and ready to go!
  • Refer nine people to WNA during May 2021 who join the network and we'll send you another wonderful free gift!
  • Even better, refer 12 new members to WNA during May 2021 and you'll be entitled to a FREE annual WNA membership for yourself and even more free gifts!
  • Last but not least, any WNA member who attends a WNA event during May 2021, including our virtual Socialise at Sunset, will enter the draw for a large hamper to be drawn at the end of the month. Each new referral will also put your name in the draw, so there are plenty of opportunities to put yourself in the running for our Member Month hamper valued at almost $1,000!


Do you forget to ask for referrals, don't want to appear too salesy or are you just too shy to ask? We have all been there, but as Bronwyn Condon asserts, most businesses struggle to proactively generate referrals even though they recognise the value it brings to their business. If increasing your referrals and growing you business is high on your goal setting list, then Bronwyn's tips could be your next port of call:

  • Focus on your current customers to be your best marketing resources - use them to be your brand ambassadors and help spread the word to potential new customers
  • Don't just wait for referrals to happen - consistently work at seeking new business
    • Focus on being referable - create a superb customer experience and add value
    • Make sure your clients know about all the products/services you offer
    • Ask for referrals - be specific about the type of person and business you want to target
    • Give clients other ways of recommending you - testimonials, case studies
    • Give a referral - give and you are more likely to receive in return
    • Provide valuable content your customers can share - social media content, newsletters, blogs
    • Utilise Linkedin - engage, like, share and comment regularly
    • Recognise and thank your referrers - could be a phone call, gift or commission.


Did you know May is Domestic Violence Month? This month, and every month, WNA works to raise community awareness of domestic and family violence and to send a clear message that domestic and family violence in families and homes will not be tolerated.

Importantly, this is why Women's Legal Service Queensland (WLSQ) is our current Charity Partner for all major events. WLSQ is a specialist community legal centre providing free legal and social work help to people who live and identify as women in Queensland.

WNA encourages all of our members to continue raising awareness in the community of this issue impacting women and children around us. Together we can do more.

#preventdomesticviolence #DFVPmonth #womensupportingwomen


While the WNA world has moved back into physical events, there is sometimes nothing like connecting with all of you nationally from my loungeroom at home. And if you are like me and enjoy spending some Friday afternoons with a nice glass of bubbly or a hot cup of tea, what better way to spend it than with more WNA friends online!

It's a great way to share tips and ideas that have worked in your business during the week. You can share a virtual hug if you had a challenging day or two, or you might just enjoy a casual conversation with friends as well. We are all friendly, supportive and happy to collaborate and share with everyone on the call.

Join us on Friday 11 June (AEST) for our next virtual catchup. Registration is free! 


Our Bespoke Series luncheons provide the opportunity not just to connect and have those meaningful conversations, but also opportunities to discuss the latest trends in areas such as leadership and entrepreneurial issues, and to make new connections while networking. At each luncheon we place a spotlight on one of Brisbane's senior businesswomen and their authentic self.

You will hear nuggets of gold and get a snippet of the relatability of that person. No glass ceiling here, just the raw truth about our authentic CEO's. We are excited to share that our next special guest is Marisa Vecchio, AM.

After being in the corporate world as a national CEO, Marissa took a break and in 2012 took on her biggest challenge, the restoration of the historic Hanworth House. The property is one of Brisbane's oldest, which was bought and restored in honour of her beautiful mother Romana Preston, who passed away the same year from ovarian cancer.

Marissa is committed to supporting women in business and the advancement of women through her not-for-profit work. A 2017 Order of Australia recipient and award wining philanthropist, we know you'll want to hear even more of her incredible story (plus get a tour of the stunning home)! Secure your ticket to another must attend WNA event! 


I read a great article this week on how to present yourself and make a great first impression at a new job. It made me think of times when I signed up for new work roles or met my new managers for the first time - how did I present?!

More often than not it's best to take the time to find the right person for your workplace or business - here are a few tips on how to put your best forward or alternatively as the boss - find your next talent:
  • Be yourself - don't pretend to be something you aren't!
    • Demonstrate your strengths and be open about your weaknesses.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions - try to learn from people around you.
    • This is a sign people care greatly about their work and your business.
  • Be open to learning new things - use it as an opportunity to learn and develop yourself.
    • Adopt a "growth mindset" and be resilient.
  • Understand what to prioritise - plot importance against urgency.
    • Prioritise the work that is most important like work deadlines, important meetings etc.


Gaiti Rabbani epitomises cultural diversity - she has lived and worked on three continents and travelled extensively over her 30 year career, working across diverse cultures. Her book Curious about Culture invites readers on a fascinating journey of introspection. Culture is not geographically bound. It is about more than just where you were born and where you live. Gender, generation and language, among other factors, all contribute to your cultural lens and how well you connect with others.

Rabbani is a Certified Cultural Intelligence Professional and Results Based Coach and with her first book she is keen to help you understand your own cultural narrative and better connect with people of other cultural backgrounds.

Do you know someone who would benefit from being part of WNA? 

Feel free to forward our Member Benefits link so they can join too! 


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