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Dear Guest,

Spring is finally here and while it is stirring up my hayfever, the beautiful and bright colours of the flowers and the warmth in the air have given me reason to get up earlier and enjoy the day. I have packed away some of my winter coats, put my heater in the spare room, dusted off my shorter sleeves and the longer days are breathing a bit of energy back into my lungs and legs. These are some of my favourite reasons that spring brings a bit of joy into our lives:

  • Extra daylight gives us more time to spend outdoors with loved ones and is a natural mood booster
  • Helps us create a healthier home - we can open our windows and let the sunshine and fresh air in, declutter our spaces, and a bit of spring cleaning can get help get the step count up
  • We have variety in our vegetable gardens and on our plates and can fill up with whole foods such as kale, asparagus, avocado, fennel, chives and two of my personal favourites, pineapple and apricot
  • Spring weather is perfect for an after dinner walk with your dog, an early morning run or even a ride on your bike
  • I know my skin care routine has been lacking in winter, but it's so important to apply sunscreen each day to protect you from the ravages of the sun.

While I am thinking of everyone interstate as you continue with these restrictive lockdowns, I am grateful we can run a couple of events within the network to keep people connected and engaged. Next week Carol Haffke will grace us with her story from journalist to shoe shop owner! Thank you to our Queensland members who have supported this Camp Hill based event.

In our third Business Insights Virtual episode we welcome the vibrant Jo Hassan who will invite you to "Keep your PEPP® Up" and a session for further down the track is for anyone who has ever dreamed of writing their own book - non-fiction, fiction, crime or thriller, Katrena Friel will lead us through some great tips on how to get your book writing process underway.

As mentioned last fortnight, our much anticipated WNA production, Humble Leaders is printed and available for purchase. On 16 September at two separate opportunities for WNA members and friends, you can come along to our Brisbane book launches to hear from our published authors about their stories of courage, belief and overcoming adversity. Please read on to find out more.

It was an important milestone this week as we reflected on Equal Pay Day and the pressing challenge to ensure all women have access to equal pay and leadership opportunities and you can read on to find out more about how it is everyone's role to ensure we keep aiming for excellence on this front.

For a little something else, I found a great article on how organisations and leadership teams can protect themselves from cyber attacks, there are some virtual challenges that will keep you busy and active, and I have included a small but significant reflection of National Wattle Day which reminds us of the importance of our environment and diversity.

As always, I am open to your feedback and only ever a phone call away.

Stay safe and well this week and reach out if you need.

Janelle Bostock

CEO of Women's Network Australia


Episode Three of our Business Insights Virtual Series is coming up quickly - it's on Tuesday 14 September from 12.00pm to 1:00pmThis session features Jo Hassan - The Vitality Expert who loves seeing more people with energy to burn!


In a world where many talk about writing a book, Katrena Friel, Award-winning author, trainer and business coach shares her tips and insider information for successfully taking action and writing a book. Don't miss this free event!


We are delighted to share the WNA Compilation Book - Humble Leaders which will feature twelve stories of courage, strength and perseverance. In conjunction with Dymocks Brisbane and the Brisbane Business Hub, we are thrilled to be featuring our amazing published authors in two separate events.

12:00pm-2:00pm - Queen Street Mall Stage - opposite Dymocks Books Brisbane City
  • MC Rachael Tiernan will lead the lunchtime event including conversations with our published authors. There will also be an opportunity to have your edition of Humble Leaders signed in person.
  • The event is free and will operate under COVID-safe conditions, so please invite your colleagues and friends along to hear some wonderful personal stories.
  • Read more here and let us know you're coming along!
5:30pm-8:30pm - Brisbane Business Hub - 155 Queen Street Mall, Brisbane City
  • WNA member, Mentor and Leadership Expert, Tracey Mathers, will MC this event with a number of our published authors who each offer a unique story of how they overcame their challenges and roadblocks, be it professional and/or personal. Their stories are honest, bold and full of fierce determination and success having overcome many trials and tribulations.
  • Our interstate authors will also join us via Zoom.
  • The ticket price includes a copy of the book, light refreshments and a night of networking and great connections!
  • Book your ticket here!

Equal Pay Day - 31 August 2021

Every year, Equal Pay Day is calculated by taking the current gender pay gap, and identifying how many more days women need to work in order to match what their male counterparts made in the previous financial year. According to Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA), this year it will take women an extra 61 days to match the pay made by their male colleagues last financial year. The 2021 gender pay gap shows that women earn $261.50 less per week - that is $13,000 less per year - compared to men.

"Gender equity in the workplace, and by extension, equal pay, is everyone's business. We know that companies with gender equity in their leadership team and their board have a significantly more positive attitude towards diversity, equity and inclusion and are less likely to have a significant gender pay gap", asserts CEO of Women & Leadership Australia (WLA), Suzi Finkelstein.

Suzi Finkelstein and the team at WLA have a "great vision for a world where people of all genders can reach their full leadership potential, supported by fair systems, cultures and policies."

You can read more here about how WLA provide tangible support and growth opportunities for women at all levels.

Helping Your Employees Prevent Cyber Attacks

Did you know in addition to the immense financial loss that occurs with cybersecurity issues, companies can also experience impaired productivity which in turn can affect the bottom line, damage their public reputation, and legal and liability breaches can also result for Board directors and senior executives. One of Harvard Business Review's latest business management articles by Muhly, Jordan and Cialdini discusses strategies for business leadership teams to help address human behaviour flaws which plays a huge role in cyberattacks. Six cost-effective principles if followed can encourage employees to move in the desired company direction and deter criminals and prevent attacks:

  • Ask employees to sign a security policy - for example a code of business conduct or ethics with leadership as witnesses
  • Lead by example - Senior leaders should promote best practice behaviour such as the importance of locking your PC, not opening doors to uncertain visitors on a company's website, and not exhibiting company documents in public (in person or digitally)
  • Obtain reciprocity through influencing others - Secure an employee's personal information and data with a secure flash drive that provides regular security reminders
  • Leverage scarcity - Promote your organisation's specialised security accreditations and how jeopardising them would be a critical breach and protect sensitive information
  • Share your vulnerable leadership stories of security culture mistakes - be approachable and identifiable if mistakes occur so they can be fixed promptly
  • Leverage leadership authority - requesting compliance from a trusted and humble source is more likely to bring about employee connection and compliance more successfully.

Virtual Challenges to Keep You Active and Motivated!

With the end of Fred's Big Run and clocking up a few kilometres to restore sight in August, I have been looking around for a new challenge to keep active and help a good cause along the way. Now that Spring has arrived, the purple tibouchinas are blooming and it's a great time to lace up and get outside if you can. Here are just a few ideas:
  • STEPtember - Move together for Cerebral Palsy (1-30 September 2021)
    • The goal is to complete a minimum of 10,000 steps every day for 30 days which is challenging and raise a few dollars along the way. Trainers like Charli who is playful, creative and always optimistic, are keen to be part of your stepping journey!
  • World Walking - do you miss travel and love walking? World Walking aims to motivate and reap the benefits of a healthier, active lifestyle. There is the Great Wall of China walk, the cardiac walk up Mount Everest and the Scottish Highlands - it's designed so you can log on and bank your steps when you can!
  • Healthy Lifestyle Challenge - just like James Clear wrote about in Atomic Habits, making small changes everyday can transform your day and your life
    • Why not set up a monthly challenge with your employees or team members and aim for a small healthy habit every day for a month - drink two litres of water, walk 30 minutes each day, change one coffee for a herbal tea, try a new vegetable or fruit each week
  • Have a virtual dance party to start your staff meeting - get a staff member to put on that Cyndi Lauper or Taylor Swift tune and dance a few minutes away to get your energy pumping! It might sound a little embarrassing, but it could be just the motivator your team needs to keep moving forward!

National Wattle Day - 1 September 

We celebrate National Wattle Day to celebrate Australia and being Australian: 

*Golden Wattle is our floral emblem and a symbol that comes directly from our land and environment.

*Wattles are diverse (more than 1071 species) and represent resilience and our history.

*Wattle welcomes spring and reminds us of the importance of renewal.


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