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I travelled to the farm recently to catch up with family and friends and was very grateful for a chance to soak up the sunshine, fresh air, long walks, and some precious rest and recovery time. I do believe it's very true that we don't give ourselves permission to just "sit and be" throughout the year as Dr Jen Fisher would say. I feel like a rejuvenated individual this week, inspired and ready to be my best self in business and life! I enjoyed reading Dr Fisher's article on how we can truly rest and disconnect below. And I do think we need more Chief Wellbeing Officers!

This week WNA "Fired up your business" with our wonderful first presenter Lyndal Harris of Podcast VA who joined us to discuss how you can elevate your podcasting skills. Check out the Virtual section of this email for a recap on the learnings from the session and to register for episode two which will be hosted by Janeen Vosper on Wednesday 29 July.

I was also excited to learn more about how women can continue to become high achievers and leaders in workplaces and advocate for yourselves with the world-renowned speaker and author Dr Lois Frankel. Her tips on how to make your presence felt, how to negotiate and learn to say no, and communicate authentically, are so valuable in today's business landscape.

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It was fantastic to read Leanne Sklavenitis's article on Drinking Myths Uncovered - I know I certainly don't reach the recommended eight glasses of water a day and often have too many coffees! And Trish Springsteen I love your thoughts on how writing a book helps to leave a legacy and that everyone has a story in your recent piece, Leaving A Legacy - Why You Should Write a BookThe blogs have all been fantastic, please keep sending them through.

Have you ever waited in anticipation for something to arrive and you just want it to happen TODAY.  The much anticipated Winter edition of the magazine is out now. Get immersed in the content rich issue – covering fashion, business, leadership, business development, health and wellness, book reviews and more.

And the great news is that our current members will receive their free copy in the mail next week. Just another added extra when you are a member with Women’s Network Australia. Catch a glimpse of the cover on our social media platforms!

Remember to look after yourselves and for those travelling interstate for work, family and friendship reasons, stay healthy, happy and enjoy a rest every now and then! Keep connecting with your fellow members on socials too!

As always, I am here to help, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.  

Wishing you a wonderful day! 



That's a wrap on episode one!

Big thanks to Lyndal Harris, Founder of Podcast VA, who joined us this week for our first episode of WNA Virtual Season Two - Fire Up Your Business. Lyndal provided some interesting facts about where the word podcast came from and gave us a step-by-step breakdown of how to create and share a podcast. Her knowledge of all things podcasting was excellent and I know I certainly took away some great information.

Make sure you stay tuned for Episode Two on Wednesday 29 July.

Author of 'Good Girls Do Sell: The Modern Businesswoman's Guide to Authentic Selling'Janeen Vosper will take us through launching your sales into the new now! Businesses that keep the momentum moving forward, are the ones that don't just survive 'unprecedented' times, but thrive. Janeen will take you through the three C's:

Consolidate your current business - by developing a plan to move forward
Cultivate new business - investing in building your brand and upskilling
Celebrate your wins including prioritising your health and wellness.


Early bird rates are available now and seats are filling already! It will be an awesome opportunity to support  Women's Legal Service Queensland and the great work they do! Numbers are limited - please get in early so you don't miss out!


Tracey Eyles is the Business Manager for Scorpion Pest Management, a Tasmanian pest control company that is dedicated to protecting the health and wellbeing of Residential and Commercial clients by providing tailored pest control solutions. 

In 2008, Tracey used her extensive business training and knowledge of the industry to join forces with her husband and director Jason Eyles to establish what is now a well-known Tasmanian pest control company, Scorpion Pest Management. 

Tracey is the driving force behind the Scorpion's "Keen to get Green" campaign where their team members are actively involved in the community, whether it be through educational activities, voluntary programs or monetary contributions relating to environmental conservation. Scorpion participates in National Tree Day each year. National Tree Day provides the team with the opportunity to become involved with the Tasmanian schools and the community to inspire positive environmental change and have proudly donated over 820 trees.

Tracey is a growth-minded Business Manager who understands the true impact of pest infestations on families and businesses in her community, and has made it her passion to educate, control and expand the Tasmanian pest control industry into the future.

You can find out more on the WNA Business Directory.

Do you have trouble speaking up for your needs at work? Can you say no when you need to? Are you always second guessing yourself?

Dr Lois Frankel has helped thousands of women succeed in business and life and is the author of some great books to help you succeed including Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office, Nice Girls Don't Get Rich and more recently her new audio-book Nice Girls Don't Speak Up or Stand Out.

Her new book gives you practical tools and scripts to navigate tricky work situations, advocate for yourself more effectively and make your presence felt. She suggests there are three common challenges and barriers that women often face when advocating for themselves:
  • Women often don't speak clearly and concisely which dilutes their message
  • Women are often constantly interrupted by men in which you try to finish what you are saying unsuccessfully
  • Women often negotiate like men - hard and straightforward and people don't like this.
Dr Lois recommends these tips for getting heard at work
  • Be the second or third person to speak - if you are number one sometimes you are seen to be grandstanding or if you leave it too long all the ideas will be on the table
  • When you do speak up, if no-one comments on what you say, ask for feedback about that idea - when you let your idea drop, someone else may say the same thing and get credit for it
  • Show up and be seen, whether it's at a virtual meeting via zoom or sitting at the middle of the table
  • Prepare every communication - be conscious about how you're speaking to market your brand.

Dr Jen Fisher serves as the CWO at Deloitte, driving strategy and innovation around work-life, health and wellness. As we traverse the long road ahead through this social, health and economic crisis, we need to make our own rest and recovery a priority and this goes beyond "just more sleep." Showing up at our best will require:
  • Recognise the warning signs of exhaustion - if you wake up after a good sleep tired, take notice
  • Claim your right to rest - give yourself permission to rest and schedule it like your other commitments
  • Truly disconnect - this looks different for everyone (maybe just sit and be for a few minutes)
  • Focus your time - slow down and think about where you want to invest your energy.

Zoey and Sassafras is a wonderful six-book series featuring Zoey, a young girl with a special secret: she can see magical animals, who come to her when they need help, and her cat, Sassafras. Each story features a new magical animal with a problem that must be solved using science. With an easy-to-read language and whimsical illustrations on every page, this series is great for a wide range of ages and STEM-loving kids!

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