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We’ve just hit the end of our first full week of WNA’s May Member Month and we have so much more planned! 

This week we continued with Episode Three of our ‘WNA Virtual’ series. It was a great reminder by Stacy Farrell, of Content Box, that now is not the time to put the brakes on your business marketing. 

As well as sharing her insights, Stacy provided some great free marketing tools that can help you ramp up your marketing. This included free classes, blog courses, chatbots and free video-making software. I for one will follow up with the “bots” in the automated messaging! If you’ve developed a case of FOMO, you can still sign up to receive the webinar recording and workbook material. 

Simply email to find out more!

Stacy’s session leads in to our next very practical episode of WNA Virtual on Tuesday 19 May - Tech Tips in Tough Times with Nici Bickley. Nici will run through her 4 P's - Pause, Purge, Plan and Promote. If you haven't claimed your Google MyBusiness page yet (which is very beneficial for a business) or want to know some tricks to move up against your competitors, this session is a ‘must’. Follow this link to book and be part of the live webinar and receive the support material. 

Member Month is a great time to access the many free opportunities available to you with your WNA membership. As Stacy reminded us, this is not the time to be selling, but to be seen as the content expert or be seen visually. If you haven’t started to be active in the WNA Facebook and LinkedIn Groups or on our Instagram page, see the below links:

In addition to this, be the content expert and start writing for the WNA Blog – up to 300 words. My offer to you is to email your blog to me in a word document, with an image to go with the blog, and I will post for you. 

I recommend including three links within the article (as per advice from Janet Camilleri in WNA Virtual Episode Two) to ensure you improve your search engine optimisation and awareness of your business at the same time.  

Not sure about what you can contribute? Please send me an email and I can provide additional details. 

As you know, our Socialise at Sunset are FREE for current financial WNA members, and a fantastic way to connect nationally. If you would like to invite a colleague or friend to see what we are about, please let me know.  Follow this link to register. 

Select your plate of nibbles, choose your beverage of choice and join your fellow WNA Tribe via Zoom. A chance to virtually catch up, engage with your WNA Tribe, and chat about the positives or some of the challenges you had this week. 

As May is Member Month, make sure you attend Socialise at Sunset for our prize draw to hear who will receive a gift pack delivered to their door. 

As always, I am here to help, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if there is anything I can do assist you. 

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


We’re bringing WNA’s events directly to you! 

A big thank you to Stacy Farrell of Content Box for joining us and delivering WNA Virtual – Episode Three – Marketing is an Engine, So Don’t Stop Now.

As Stacy reminded us “No one likes saying the word RECESSION, but it’s pretty much accepted that one is headed our way. However, a recession is the time to increase market share and be well positioned for the future”.  Some great content, practical tools and tips as takeaways. 

But wait…there’s more! Coming up on Tuesday 19 May is WNA Virtual Episode Four – details below!

Episode Four of WNA Virtual, to be held on Tuesday 19 May 2020, will be with Nici Bickley of Autom8 Now. “Tech Tips in Tough Times” will take you through ways you can streamline your business and take advantage of free opportunities to build your business and save money. In particular, Nici will talk about Google MyBusiness and the benefits of using this facility effectively.


We’ve already had some excellent conversations on social media and in our WNA Virtual event this week, and there’s still so much left to come this month!

Let’s start by recapping our featured member of the week, Shweta Khan of Starfire Diamond Jewellery.

Shweta has been running Starfire Diamond Jewellery for over 20 years, but has only operated a retail space for 4 years, something she describes as a new, exciting direction with the opportunity to be creative with no limits. 

During this moment of "pause" for retail in particular, Shweta is focused on making Starfire Diamond Jewellery the place to shop for unique diamond and gem engagement rings!

Find out more about Shweta on the WNA website.

Have you been using your May Member Month Activities Calendar? 

In case you missed it last week, this calendar includes prompts and details of upcoming May events, opportunities for all WNA members to increase awareness of your business and in some cases even win a prize!

You can download the May Member Month Activities Calendar by clicking the button below.

Throughout May Member Month I will be rewarding members who are getting involved and participating via social media, virtual events or other activities. 

The more you are engaging with WNA and our members, the more chances you have of winning a prize! I will be calling out prize winners each week during our free Socialise at Sunset call, so if you haven’t reserved your spot as yet, please click here to register.

Also, don’t forget opportunities to advertise in the winter edition of the WNA magazine are currently available. They include full and half pages of advertising, as well as advertorial opportunities. If you’re interested in finding out more, you can download the media kit via the button below.

One of the weekend newspaper headlines was a report about more Australians feeling stressed about paying their next energy bill. With heating costs and more people working from home, it's no wonder householders are concerned about their bills. So what's the answer? The No.1 tip in the newspaper's "100 ways to save money" was to do an energy bill comparison. I Empower Through My Power not only provides you with a free bill comparison, but for every customer who switches to a better deal, $15 will be donated to a charity dedicated to helping women escape domestic violence. It's a great partnership, thanks to Women's Network Australia. 

Call 1300 271814 or visit to find out more and book a free consultation.

Do you have any of your own “Time-filling Tips”? If you have any great tips or recommendations, please feel free to pass them on so that they can be included in this section.


If you have downloaded your WNA Member Month Activities Calendar (link above), you will notice some items you can action this week to take advantage of your WNA membership. 

These include:


Take the time to visit the WNA website and read some of the recent blogs submitted by WNA members. Some of them might be relevant for you to share with your own audience via social media, or they may inspire you to write your own blog to submit to our website.


Home learning is starting to stretch the imagination (and patience?) of many parents. Renowned Australian author, podcaster and advocate for tween and teenage girls, Rebecca Sparrow has been sharing some lockdown gems to keep the household entertained and educated. Here are just a few of her recent recommendations:  

FREE!!!! 4 Easy Strategies To Build Stronger Connections With Your Kids 

If you’re feeling particularly disconnected from your kids right now, this video might be of some use.  I filmed it last year and I offer up 4 different strategies for creating stronger ties with our kids when life feels overwhelming and busy. It’s nothing too tricky but these tips (the importance of warm hellos and goodbyes, a shared journal, discovering their love language and more) could help you connect a little better during this stressful, bizarre time. Go here and use the free code: 4TIPSFREE 

BRAVE – free online program to help parents and kids with anxiety

Now this is info, you’re going to want to save.  

BRAVE is a free online program DEVELOPED BY ACADEMIC RESEARCHERS to help kids and parents who are experiencing anxiety. 

Here's the lowdown ...   

A team of academic researchers from the University of Queensland, University of Southern Queensland and Griffith University have developed a FREE online CBT program for anxious kids and their parents. Research undertaken over 12 years has led to the development of BRAVE, an evidence-based CBT program that has been proven to help young people and their parents overcome anxiety and stress.   

If you or your kids are struggling to navigate life at the moment and could use some help -- please head to the websites below. You are not alone. Help is available. 

You can find more about BRAVE here. 

Hey Sigmund – New Facebook Page

I’m a huge fan of Karen Young – the Australian psychologist behind Hey Sigmund a site dedicated to helping kids and teens and adults with their mental health. Karen’s Facebook page was recently hacked so she’s set up a new page. She’s posting lots of good info as always – find it here

Family Dance Moves – GET. ON. IT! 

From the Nutbush and the Bus Stop to the Macarena and YMCA … here are 14 dance moves to teach your family because there’s only so much decluttering you can do,right?

Queensland Small Business Champion Report

Maree Adshead, Queensland Small Business Champion, has provided some good information on priorities for small businesses affected by COVID-19. You can read her report here.

Do you know someone who would benefit from being part of WNA? 

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