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It's been an empowering week for me with the release of our eagerly awaited Winter 2020 Magazine. It is packed with inspiring stories from many determined and high achieving women including a feature on Senior Vice President and Managing Director of The Walt Disney Company Australia and New Zealand - Kylie Watson-Wheeler. Her journey is an impressive one and her insights on how she leads Australia's most beloved entertainment brand is truly worth the read! 


I loved hearing her favourite Disney movie was the same as mine - Mary Poppins! The edition is packed with content from many successful businesswomen chasing their goals and the magazine is all about our theme of empowering all women! There is also a great section on women who have turned 50 and are kicking goals! You will have noticed the Winter 2020 Edition of the magazine is now available online for WNA members. Print and digital copies of the magazine can also be purchased on the website.

I took many learnings from Lyndal Harris of Podcast VA who joined us to discuss how you can elevate your podcasting skills in our first Fire Up Your Business WNA Virtual episode. And I am equally excited about next week's episode on "Launching your sales in the new now" with Janeen Vosper on Wednesday 29 July. Make sure you join in for some tips on how you can improve your business sales.

Check out the Membership section below for a great article on how female leaders are setting a grand example during Covid-19 and when we conquer this pandemic - how we can support more women with intelligence, curiosity, integrity and empathy to be leading our generations of the future. Read also about how Startmate, a company that helps other entrepreneurs build iconic companies, wants to support more women in tech startups through their Fellowship Program.

The early birds are getting the worm currently with 2020 WNA Christmas Charity Luncheon tickets selling quickly! Book your table now for a great time, exceptional wine and most importantly to support the wonderful organisation Women's Legal Service Queensland!

I loved your article Vanessa Petch on Culture Matters! I like the quote your daughter heard on ABC TV about what Culture is - "Culture is the personality of the place you live" - so true! The blogs have all been fantastic and there are many more to read on the WNA Blog so please keep sending them through.

Lock in 4.30pm today (Friday 24 July) - for another hour of Socialise at Sunset power and a chance to unwind after a fast and furious week! Particularly for our friends in Victoria in lockdown, interstate and rural and remote, these sessions have been vital for connection and a chance to catch up.

And as I leave you this week, I thought this from Marie Forleo was significant: "You don't have to get it perfect, you just have to get going."

As always, I am here to help, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.  

Wishing you a wonderful day! 

Janelle x


We are excited about Episode Two which is coming your way - Wednesday 29 July! Make sure you register for the next episode in an empowering four-part series.

Author of 'Good Girls Do Sell: The Modern Businesswoman's Guide to Authentic Selling'Janeen Vosper will take us through launching your sales into the new now! Businesses that keep the momentum moving forward, are the ones that don't just survive 'unprecedented' times, but thrive. Janeen will take you through the three C's:

Consolidate your current business - by developing a plan to move forward
Cultivate new business - investing in building your brand and upskilling
Celebrate your wins including prioritising your health and wellness.

We have also just confirmed that the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, Kate Carnell, will be joining us for Episode Three of WNA Virtual Season Two. More details to come!


Big thanks to Lyndal Harris, Founder of Podcast VA, who joined us last week for our first episode of WNA Virtual Season Two - Fire Up Your Business. Lyndal provided some interesting facts about where the word podcast came from and gave us a step-by-step breakdown of how to create and share a podcast. Her knowledge of all things podcasting was excellent and I learnt a great deal!  


Early bird rates are available now and seats are filling already! It will be an awesome opportunity to support  Women's Legal Service Queensland and the great work they do to provide free legal assistance to women in need in Queensland! You can read more about their services here. Tables are selling quickly, so register for your seat or table now!


Kassandra Behrendt is a self-taught jewellery designer who has been meticulously handcrafting exclusive one-of-a-kind designs for over two decades. Known for her keen eye and sense of style, combined with her passion for delighting her clients, Kassandra offers a bold alternative to what's currently available on the market.

@pagoniofficial pieces are in high demand and have been featured on magazine covers and runways. Pagoni was the only jewellery to be selected for the gift bags presented to the 2019 Gold Logie Nominees. You can find out more about Kassandra and Pagoni via the link below where Kassandra was featured in F Magazine.

We are thankful for your masterminding Kassandra with the Over 50 and Kicking Goals article in the WNA Winter Magazine - this contribution highlights how age is not a barrier to success!

You can also find out more about Kassandra on the WNA Business Directory.

Startmate is supercharging its second ever women-only Fellowship Program as it announces plans to funnel 300 women into tech startup jobs by the end of 2021. In February 2020, Startmate made the decision to make its Fellowship Program open to women only, with the goal of increasing the number of women in top positions with the country's brightest tech startups. The Fellowship runs virtually twice a year in Summer (Sep-Nov) and Winter (March-June). You can register for the September Cohort here.

Startmate has partnered with AWS Startups, SafetyCulture and Secure Code Warrior and announced its first Liminal Conference to be held from 27 July - 31 July 2020. There will be 30 minute sessions every morning with some world-leading women startup operators including Jodie Auster - Regional GM APAC, Uber Eats, Aubrey Blanche, Director of Equitable Design & Impact at Culture Amp, Laura Chambers - CEO, Willow Pump and more. You can register for the free online sessions via the Liminal Program!


Did you know during the pandemic countries with women in leadership have suffered six times fewer confirmed deaths from Covid-19 than countries led by men? Journalists have leapt at stories of leadership, prowess and humanity. During the crisis, experience and expertise have been thrown out the window, replaced with those who have been able to balance the health of their nations with balancing the health of their economies. Scrutiny has been high particularly on social media, as data-driven metrics of death tolls creates more pressure for leaders.

The question is once this crisis abates, will we elect more female leaders who have brought their individual strengths of empathy, trustworthiness, quiet resilience and humility to the table? An avalanche of articles have highlighted how female-led countries have managed the crisis better. Some have poked holes at the "women are better leaders" debate and there are some legitimate qualifiers such as below:
  • Too few women leaders to tell (sample size) - Women only govern 18 countries or 545 million people globally (7%)
  • It wasn't her (conflating factors) - every nation confronts this crisis with their own mix of advantages and disadvantages such as weather conditions, education level, income etc
  • It's the culture - countries do better because women are in charge and because they were already doing better (if less women are presented for leadership roles, there will be less talent)
  • Only the best (selection bias) - because women need to work harder to persuade others that they have leadership talent, they end up more qualified when they are selected and perform better
They are legitimate arguments, but either way regardless of how logical or data-driven the arguments, it would be great to see more competent and talented female leaders emerging as we move out of Covid-19. Hopefully they will define a new generation of leadership that is based upon expertise, leadership, curiosity, humility, empathy and integrity. For more on this topic, see this link.


After the success of her first book, Becoming, and release of the Netflix documentary, "Becoming" centred on her book tour, Michelle Obama is back as of July 29 with her first podcast - The Michelle Obama Podcast. In the podcast she will talk to some of the people she is closest with to discuss "relationships that make us who we are". Guests will include Obama's mother and brother, late night host Conan O'Brien and many more.

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