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Have you sat down to read that fiction book from your library or sat quietly outside in the sunshine and enjoyed that hot cup of green tea? This week is World Wellbeing Week (22 - 26 June) and what a great reminder it is to look after ourselves, our families and our close networks. See how founder of Wellbeing World, Beverley Le Cuirot, is continuing her great work in raising the awareness of wellbeing for employees, businesses, individuals and communities, and check out enjoyable events and wellbeing activities that may interest you. 

This week I have enjoyed my downtime learning more about our Member of the Week (Jude Morton of Property Clearance), reading terrific WNA Blogs and reflecting on the insightful first season of WNA Virtual that just wrapped up. As a result of the positive feedback we received on this season, an announcement on season two will be coming soon. Keep a close eye on our social media platforms. 

For the passionate fans of yoga out there, we also celebrated International Yoga Day on June 21 with this year's theme promoting "Yoga for Health - Yoga at home." I loved this from the lovely Anne Noonan - "It's not an exercise. It's not really a workout. It's a journey with great discoveries on the way." Keep being passionate Anne!

I am so excited to hear that cinemas are re-opening! Check out the membership section for a list of the new films that will be gracing our screens in July and learn how digitisation is crucial for the future success of our small businesses. Let's accelerate our online presence!

It's well and truly Winter and I am looking forward to sharing the WNA Winter Edition magazine with you! A final reminder to update your member profile to ensure your address details are correct so you can receive your magazine via the post!

Lastly, don't forget to join us on this afternoon (Friday) at 4.30pm for our EOFY Socialise at Sunset - turn your heater or air con on, find a comfy spot, and enjoy the company and week that was! 

As always, I am here to help, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.  

Wishing you a wonderful day! 


How good was Season One - let's recap!

Six enlightening episodes, six expert women and many empowered viewers. That would be the very quick summary of our first series of virtual events. Thank you to our fabulous presenters - Sally Prosser, Janet Camilleri, Stacy Farrell, Nici Bickley, Jillian Bullock, and Katrena Friel.

Here's a few quick points from season one. If you're feeling a little left out and want to know more, you're still able to purchase the recordings of all episodes, or just a particular one you're most interested in. Simply email me at

*Episode 1 - Whether you're preparing for a Zoom meeting or an in-person meeting, make sure you also prepare your voice. This will help to keep people engaged throughout.
*Episode 2 - Backlinks are everything! If you're writing a blog (for the WNA website for example), be sure to include links back to your website to help boost your Search Engine Optimisation.
*Episode 3 - Never stop marketing! Take advantage of free opportunities to market your business, even in the challenging times. If you're not visible, you can't sell.
*Episode 4 - Spend wisely! Every now and then it's important to review your subscriptions and assess what you really need. And don't forget those free opportunities like Google MyBusiness.
*Episode 5 - Your LinkedIn profile is critical if you want to be found. Write your "About" section with your potential client in mind and what problem you will solve for them.
*Episode 6 - Being authentic and being true to yourself is a huge part of the energy you give out into the world. We don't need to eliminate our self-doubt, we need to understand it, be aware of it and manage it.

It was a fabulous season of virtual events and a great opportunity to take in some new information to benefit our businesses. Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement about Season Two in July!

"We must take care of our families, wherever we may find them." - Elizabeth Gilbert. This quote from Gilbert is fitting as we preview our member of the week – Jude Morton of Property Clearance.

Jude is the Director of Property Clearance which provides an important service to families following the passing of a parent or their move to full-time care. 

In these circumstances, people face the challenging, and sometimes overwhelming task of removing all possessions from the home and preparing the property for sale or rental. Jude offers services that respects those who have gathered possessions over a lifetime and is compassionate to those that are managing this challenging situation.

Covering all of Australia, Property Clearance staff are ready to assist in your time of need.

Find out more about Jude and Property Clearance via the WNA Member Directory on our website or send her an email.

As mentioned, the movie theatres have re-opened or are re-opening soon in your state and I am so excited for the new movies that are about to hit our screens! Check out the list of current state by state re-opening dates and trailers of some of the July blockbusters below! 

Waves - Thursday, July 9, 2020
The King of Staten Island - Thursday, July 16, 2020
Where'd You Go Bernadette - Thursday, July 16, 2020
Babyteeth - Thursday, July 23, 2020


Did you know nearly 50% of NBN survey responders said since COVID-19 started, they have increased their online shopping activities?! And most Australians want to support their local businesses online but some are simply not set up to support this type of shopping!

The top four ways respondents said businesses could attract their online spend are:
  • Developing a stronger online presence
  • Adding innovation to your product and service offerings
  • Provide home delivery services
  • Support your customers through regular communication
You can find out more via the links below:


Gretchen Rubin is a happy woman and she wants you to be happy too! Her podcast Happier with Gretchen Rubin brings you practical and manageable advice about happiness and good habits.


Author Meredith Gaston builds on her uplifting philosophy of thankfulness and gratitude in her latest book - The Art of Wellbeing - Joyous Living Inspired by Nature. It's a beautiful journey to find peace, calm, vitality and healthfulness.

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