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What's been inspiring you lately? I can't put down Kirstin Ferguson and Catherine Fox's great leadership book, Women KindI just love their message of #celebratingwomen, which details Kirstin's social media campaign that profiled two women from all walks of life every day during 2017.

The first person profiled for the campaign was Kirstin's mother, Irene, and the last person was Kirstin's eldest daughter, Emily - both role models in their own way. The uptake from women in Australia and around the world was superb (757 were profiled) and highlights how important it is to uplift and unlock the power of each other. 

I love that we celebrate each other every week through platforms such as the Member of the Week (Liz Buchanan of Ember Solutions), the WNA Blogs and other events such as the WNA Virtual. 

You may have been thinking also about side hustles or starting that new business. Check out the "membership" section for tips and ideas on starting your new side hustle. There is also important information if you are involved in charitable fundraising or have had to postpone events in the NFP or Charity space.

Lastly, the WNA Winter Edition magazine is in the final stages of production! A final reminder to update your member profile and ensure your address details are correct so you can receive your magazine in the mail!

As always, I am here to help, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.  

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Our final episode of WNA Virtual went live on Wednesday June 17

In this episode Katrena Friel helped us discover the 10 secrets to becoming an expert in our field. In particular Katrena took us through the importance of confidence and the concept of personal power. She also spoke about how self doubt shouldn't be eliminated, but we should be aware of it, understand what it can offer and learn to manage it.

If you missed the episode, don't forget that it was recorded and is still available to purchase, along with the other five episodes. 

Simply email your request to

"Every woman is a role model to someone else. We can help make role models visible by sharing women's stories and celebrating all they achieve." 

This quote by Kirstin Ferguson leads me to an introduction of our member of the week – Liz Buchanan of Ember Solutions.

Liz is a speaker, trainer, digital communications strategist and social media expert. She is passionate about incorporating these online communication platforms into the overall digital strategy for stakeholder engagement. Liz began her career in the finance industry, before moving to sport management where she worked for two state sporting organisations for 15 years. She also worked on communication and engagement projects for the Queensland Government for 3 years. She started her own business, Ember Solutions, six years ago to work with businesses to enhance their social media presence.

Find out more about Liz and Ember Solutions via the WNA Member Directory on our website.

Do you have a sound business idea or hobby you feel you could turn into new income, particularly during this time of challenge and change?

Below are some tips that have helped other side hustlers!
*There are many different types of side hustle you could start - be agile!
*The best one is the one you have a passion for.
*You can manage much of the set up while still working full-time or from home.
*Early planning and preparation will help you hit the ground running.
*Certain business applications and registrations will be necessary.
*Use data to your advantage to ensure you spend money in the right areas.
*Get out there and network.


Thanks Fonthip Ward for your thoughts on how English schools can survive the pandemic through continued connection in this week's WNA Blog series. And I love the gold at the end of the rainbow idea Stacy Farrell and continuing to chase market share

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If you are involved in an NFP or charity in a Board role or volunteer capacity, the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission has informed that if you have decided to postpone or cancel events, there may be questions asked on what to do with monies already raised or committed. In this circumstance it is important to stay transparent to your members and clients on whether:
*Monies will be refunded immediately or in time?
*Money will be held until the fundraiser is rescheduled? OR
*The charity will commit the monies to a future event or cause?

There are also some great tips on how to fundraise effectively and try new things such as communicating more efficiently with existing donors or utilising staff for creative ideas. Australia's Biggest Morning Tea and Bonfire are great examples of what can be achieved!


Disruptors for Good Podcast explores social entrepreneurs around the world who have dedicated their lives to ethical fashion, impact investing, sustainable travel, and businesses that impact the world in a positive way.

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