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Dear Guest,

"She stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails" - Elizabeth Edwards. 

Elizabeth - you spoke to my head and heart when I read this. There seemed to be multiple small storms this week, whether it was my computer program at work not functioning when I needed it to, or the rain just happened to pour down on my laundry right after I hung it on the line. Small problems you say! This quote reminded me just to stop, adapt and work out a new way when things sometimes go wrong.

As I watch from my home in Brisbane, I know it continues to be tough in Victoria and we are sending our thoughts your way. I know all of you are fronting the storm, you are adapting daily and you are going to be stronger for getting through this time. Even if it's just a small text message, or a quick five minute phone call, please make that effort to embrace our friends and rise through this storm together.

I hope you all enjoyed the Winter 2020 WNA Magazine and continue to pass it around to friends and family to enjoy all the great articles and business advice. Keep an eye out next week for opportunities to feature in the next Women's Network magazine - our 30 year souvenir edition! Also please book your seat or coordinate a table for the WNA Christmas Charity Luncheon, which is creeping closer every day.

WNA Virtual Season Two has been fantastic and this week we were joined by the well respected Kate Carnell, Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, who helped immensely to highlight the challenges for small business moving forward but also how we can all transform and evolve. You can also read about our member of the week, the elegant Von Barnes from Pinnacle Properties and how she is dedicated to providing personalised, professional and dedicated property services for her clients. 

Caryn Walsh, a world renowned motivational speaker, specialist in leadership and people development and executive coach provides some pertinent advice for those women who will be travelling internationally once the pandemic has passed in her latest blog. There are so many fantastic articles and some great advice coming through the WNA blog channel so please stay up to date and feel free to share with others who could benefit!

It's been great to have new members joining us on Socialise @ Sunset - Claudine Dufroux joined us and she is passionate about helping women manifest their dreams and start living the life they want. To finish off for the week, I know a bit of lightheartedness is always a good thing, so enjoy a bit of Julie Andrews, The Secret and even a bit of poetry in our few more things!

As always, I am here to help, so please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Wishing you a wonderful day! 

Janelle x


We greatly value the time Ms Carnell took to speak with WNA members and guests about the work her office is doing, as well as taking questions from those on the Zoom. You can find the COVID-19 Recovery Plan on the ASBFEO website, along with the My Business Health toolbox which gives information about how to look after your business and yourself. 

Ms Carnell stressed the importance of being fully across the financial side of our businesses, taking the opportunity to digitise communication with our customers/clients wherever possible and ensuring we look after ourselves during this most difficult of times. 

This session was recorded and is available to purchase. If you're interested in having a listen, please send us an email to to find out more.


Hurry - seats for the event are going quickly. Our Master of Ceremonies, will be the energetic and enthusiastic Rachael Tiernan, who is keen as mustard to support our day. Please book for your opportunity to join us for a wonderful day of #womensupportingwomen and to support Women’s Legal Service Queensland.  Books yours now using the button below!


Pinnacle Properties is not your everyday real estate agency. Steered by Von Barnes, they don't just sell houses, they discuss who the potential purchaser is, they offer a styling service and have a property management section.

Von's business spark was to truly help people and do things a little differently. She found working under a particular brand shadowed her creativity and hindered her ability to give a little extra to people. Having her own company has allowed Von to let her imagination run free and provide a remarkable service and experience to all her clients.

You can find out more about Von by visiting the Member Directory on the WNA Website.


Caryn Walsh is normally a very busy lady, travelling the globe, coaching and training women, motivating leaders and staff, coaching CEO's and Boards to successful practice, improving leadership and team development, plus more. Her latest blog provides insights into some of the delights of working internationally such as the cultures you experience and the countries you visit. Additionally, she also provides an understanding of the challenges such as staying mentally and physically healthy and being aware of cultural protocol. A great read and I would encourage you to check out Caryn's piece and our other great blogs too!

But wait there's more! Caryn also has a special WNA Member offer available! Caryn is offering her Be Unstoppable - Your 9 Stage Online Empowerment Program at a special price of just $90, reduced from $297. Find out more here.

The WNA Winter 2020 Edition Magazine was a success…… and the 30 year Anniversary edition is coming!

WNA's editorial team will be producing our 30 year Souvenir Edition of the Women's Network Magazine to be released in late 2020. There are many great opportunities available for you and your business to be featured in the next edition, so please contact us here for more information.

I love trying to keep things lighthearted where I can! Here are a couple of beautiful reminders of the joy that we can all find when we tune into the goodness surrounding us every day.

A wonderful short poem to brighten your day :)
The Secret - Dare to Dream!

If you are a fan of the positive principles of The Secret, the movie The Secret: Dare to Dream is one for a night time relax and loads of popcorn. Based on the best selling book by Rhonda Byrne, Katie Holmes is back as a single mother of three kids trying to make ends meet in a small town. I love the theme that your thoughts and feeling good can help you believe and turn your life on a positive trajectory.

The magnificent Mary Poppins does story time too!

Julie's Library is a podcast you might enjoy with your daughter or son at home in your own reading nook. Icon Julie Andrews and her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton, invite you into their library to read their favourite children's books. With sound, music and activities, they bring each story to life! 

Anh Do’s Brush with Fame is back on ABC! 

It was wonderful to learn that The Happiest Refugee is back on Tuesday nights at 8.00pm! Anh Do was back last week with media personality and journalist Lisa Wilkinson on Brush with Fame and this week with Dr Richard Harris, the Thai cave rescuer. Anh’s energy is inspiring and I love how he draws out the warmth and personality of different guests. See more here for upcoming episodes that will keep your positive energy brimming! Anna Meares and Sophie Delezio are coming up in the next few weeks!

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