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How great was it to feel the positive energy around the easing of restrictions in Australia announced this week!  After many minutes, hours and days spent gratefully at home, working or not, committing to do our part to support the health of local communities and our fellow Australians, we can all smile a bit more with the news our Federal and State Governments have announced easing of restrictions to come over the next few weeks and months. 

While it certainly is early days, I know it gave me some extra energy to keep striving and moving forward. There was great news particularly for our fortunate Queensland member friends who were craving some connection and much needed time with their families and friends. We could travel within 150 kilometres to touch base with those we love. With Mother’s Day last Sunday, I hope you all had a chance to spend some time with your own mothers, grandmothers or other special people in your lives whether that was via Zoom, WhatsApp, in person over a lovely picnic or over the phone with a cuppa. I hope you also had a chance to share your week with another WNA Member via SMS or email. 

It was nice to reflect on all the wonderful traits of the special women in our lives – determination, resilience, maintaining a positive attitude, being a good sounding board and most of all believing in all of us as we strive to pursue our goals, both personal and professional during these times. As each State and Territory continues to roll back the social distancing restrictions, I hope you all continue to support and care for those around you, and prioritise your own self-care as well. 

For those who enjoy your regular pampering sessions such as manicures, therapeutic massages and/or eyebrow waxes (I know I do!), it was great to hear some of our important small businesses such as nail and beauty salons can reopen from May 16 in Queensland with a Covid safe plan. While they can only open with 10 customers, it is a great start and having observed as a bystander I have been impressed with the huge resilience that all small businesses have shown during these times. I would love to hear stories from any members impacted by restrictions who are now looking to reopen. Sharing your story with our network is one way I can show my support and you can support our members as well. So please email them through! 

I am very much looking forward to our next WNA Virtual webinar on Tuesday 19 May - "Tech Tips in Tough Times" with Nici Bickley. As our fourth presenter, Nici will run through her four P's - Pause, Purge, Plan and Promote. If you haven’t registered for this session yet, jump in quickly and continue to empower yourself and other women in your community!. Follow this link to book your ticket to be part of the live workshop and receive the support material. 

May Member Month is a great time to access the many free opportunities available to you with your WNA membership. Don't forget to engage with your fellow WNA members in our Facebook and LinkedIn Groups or on our Instagram.

Also, don’t forget to keep your blogs coming through! I am looking forward to hearing some of the great ideas you are working on. Email your blog to me in a word document, with an accompanying image, and I will post it for you.  Please include three links within the article (as per great advice from WNA Virtual Episode Two with Janet Camilleri!). If you need some assistance, please send me an email and I can provide additional details. Well done Alison Rogers on your blog last week and bringing the good energy into your home. Thank you also to Nicci Korff for tips on managing anxiety during this time of limited connection and Margaret Campbell-Ryder for your tips on hosting meetings in a post-Covid world. 

You might notice while you're there that we've made a few minor changes to the WNA website to make your blogs even easier to find! I'm always happy to receive any feedback on the website too!

If you haven't joined us for a Socialise at Sunset virtual networking event yet, it's easy! Just bring your snack, beverage of choice and join your fellow WNA members via Zoom! Or if you want to get some fresh air and try increasing your step count, throw your shoes on and walk while listening in to your fellow members at the same time. It’s a chance for a virtual catch up, to engage with your WNA Tribe and chat about the positives or some of the challenges you had this week.  Be present for our special Member Month prize draw to hear who will receive gift pack number two for May delivered to their door. 

As always, I am here to help, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if there is anything I can do assist you. 

Wishing you a wonderful day!


It is a great time to reflect on Michelle Obama’s quote - "Don't be afraid. Be focused. Be determined. Be hopeful. Be Empowered." - as we say a big thank you to all our guests who have joined us in the first three WNA Virtual Episodes including voice coach Sally Prosser, web content writer Janet Camilleri, and marketing enthusiast Stacy Farrell. The interaction and learnings that have been driven by these wonderful businesswomen have been enlightening for all of us.

Coming up on Tuesday 19 May is WNA Virtual Episode Four -“TECH TIPS IN TOUGH TIMES” with wonderful WNA member Nici Bickley of Autom8 Now.

Nici will take you through the four P’s – Pause, Purge, Plan and Promote. You will learn what you can do when the going gets tough and how your software can help you. If you haven’t claimed your Google MyBusiness page yet, Nici will show you how in the Promote session, and let you know how beneficial this can be for business. You will come out of this session with valuable knowledge and steps you can take straight away. Sometimes it’s the smallest tip that can make the biggest impact on your business.


We’ve celebrated Mother’s Day, seen the easing of Covid-19 restrictions and more life normality, had some excellent conversations on social media, and there’s still so much left to come this month!

I am excited to feature - Jillian Bullock of LinkedIn Ninja, as our member of the week.

Jillian has been recognised by LinkedIn itself as the Southern Hemisphere’s only approved “Independent LinkedIn Expert.” From 2002, her professional career encompassed specialising in consulting on Social Media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn for several Sydney and Melbourne SME’s. 

Since 2013 she has focussed solely on LinkedIn after USA based LinkedIn Ninja approached Jillian to expand her brand into the Asia Pacific region. After six years as Australia’s expert on LinkedIn, Jillian has delivered training to thousands of attendees, speaking to audiences of up to 800 at a time. Her expertise has assisted entrepreneurs and those in the corporate sector to maximise the returns on offer when utilising LinkedIn effectively. 

And Jillian can help you too! We’re very lucky to have secured Jillian as our presenter for WNA Virtual Episode Five. She will share with us some of the secrets of LinkedIn during Episode Five on 3 June. You can book your ticket here.

Find out more about Jillian on the WNA website.

Have you been using your May Member Month Activities Calendar? 

In case you missed it, this calendar includes prompts and details of upcoming May events, opportunities for all WNA members to increase awareness of your business and in some cases even win a prize! 

Download the May Member Month Activities Calendar by clicking the button below.

Once you have downloaded your May Calendar, you’ll find a number of opportunities to promote your business using WNA! This week we also shared a gift with you, some Zoom Backgrounds you’re free to download and use when meeting with clients, friends or family on Zoom.

There are many options to choose from,as well as instructions on how to set it up. I challenge you to give it a go and use yours for today’s Socialise at Sunset virtual networking via Zoom. You might just find yourself in the running for a prize pack.


During Member Month, I will be rewarding members who are getting involved and participating via social media, virtual events or other activities. 

Congratulations to Belinda Bicknell who won the Friday May 8 prize.  

The more you are engaging with WNA and our members, the more chances you have of winning a beautiful prize pack! I will be calling out prize winners each week during our free Socialise at Sunset Zoom, so if you haven’t reserved your spot as yet, please click here to register.

What would you do with an unexpected $600 in your pocket? Cheryl Gray had that opportunity thanks to WNA’s partnership with I Empower Through My Power. Cheryl joined our ‘virtuous circle’ and used the savings to buy a unique Mother’s Day gift from WNA member business, Red Hill Art Gallery.

You may have seen my Facebook Live last week about the importance of Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month in Queensland, and ensuring those in need have access to the support they require. I Empower Through My Power not only provides you with a free energy bill comparison, but for every customer who switches to a better deal, $15 will be donated to a charity dedicated to helping women escape domestic violence. It is a great partnership supporting women in need, thanks to Women's Network Australia.

Call 1300 271 814 or visit to find out more and register for a free consultation. If you are in need of any support in relation to domestic and family violence, please click here for resources available state by state.

Do you have any of your own “Time-filling Tips”? If you have any great tips or recommendations, please feel free to pass them on so that they can be included in this section.


If you have downloaded your WNA Member Month Activities Calendar, you will notice some items you can action this week to take advantage of your WNA membership. These include:

  • Register for this afternoon’s “Socialise at Sunset” virtual networking, from 4:30pm. You could win one of our WNA Prize Packs, only available during Member Month.
  • Book your ticket for WNA Virtual Episode Four with Nici Bickley of Autom8 Now, to be held on 19 May and join our webinar community on Tuesday!
  • Make sure you have joined our WNA Facebook Group and participate in “Monday Matchmakers” and Tuesday’s “Time to Shine” sessions.
  • Google yourself and your business. You might be surprised with what you find! One friend mentioned the shock she got reading her Wikipedia page one day to find out she was a hero having saved multiple lives after a plane crash in Switzerland! (Unfortunately it wasn’t quite factual – but she did have a huge laugh and edited the page quickly!)
  • Share “I Empower Through My Power” with friends and staff
  • Search free online business directories and list your business.
  • Read the WNA member blogs and write one to upload!
  • Write a positive Facebook, Google or LinkedIn review for another WNA member


As Malala Yousafzai said beautifully “Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.” This quote reminds me of the inspirational story of two brilliant Australians and particularly Dr Catherine Hamlin and could provide some reading inspiration this week for you all. 

Dr Catherine Hamlin’s (with John Little) – ‘The Hospital by the River’ is an inspiring story of a husband and wife doctor team – Catherine and Reg Hamlin who dedicated their lifetime to helping thousands of disadvantaged women in Ethiopia who had suffered terribly from the effects of obstructed labour and fistulas which would leave these women often neglected and forgotten by their communities and families. Having set up a dedicated hospital and teaching institution in Ethiopia, their humanitarian work was recognised with Catherine’s nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize in 1999. 

You can also listen to Catherine’s story on the Mamamiapodcast with Mia Freedman from the 26 April 2020 episode (45 minutes) which is told with Dr Alison Morgan, Catherine’s niece, whom herself was inspired by Catherine to continue great work in women’s health medicine.


Are you missing booking your summer trip to Melbourne to see the Australian Open Tennis or to shop in Federation Square with your friends! Well now you can still dream and pretend you are in Melbourne with the innovative virtual Federation Square. 

On here you can experience all the exhibitions,events and activities right from the comfort of your couch! You can continue your wellness journey with the energetic Ivy who takes you through free daily breathing meditations in the Liquid Room or keep the kids entertained through Art and Culture with mediums such as the Magic of Aardman Education Resource which teaches the history of animation and the art of the moving image. 


If you are keen to get your walking shoes on and see some of your community neighbourhood spaces, here are a couple of podcasts which may keep you company on the way!

  • A Podcast of One’s Own with Julia Gillard profiles a number of women who have worked in various industries including academia, politics, medicine, television, and journalism. There is a feminist touch but her interviews are easy to follow and learn from.
  • The Mindful Kind by Rachael Kable has nice quick 10-12 minute snippets to calm your mind in these crazy times and keep you focussed on positive mindfulness and putting yourself first. There are 227 episodes to choose from so see what you think!
Search for them on your chosen podcast app.


Check out Health and Wellbeing Queensland’s initiative Boost your Healthy Campaign. No matter which state you're in, this site has some great inspiration and ideas to keep you moving, eating healthy and managing your wellbeing.

Do you know someone who would benefit from being part of WNA? 

Feel free to forward our Member Benefits link so they can join too! 


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