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It’s easy to dwell on the things we miss during this time of social isolation, isn’t it? After seeing a Facebook post from one of our WNA Members, I’ve been challenged to also think about what I’ve gained during the days at home.   

I know many of you have been tackling jigsaw puzzles, taken up craft and hit the garden. Cooking, boardgames, painting and more… it seems we’re rediscovering the lost art of relaxation! Surely that’s something to be thankful for?   

Have you been getting more exercise? Online yoga, walks around the block, home gyms and other novel ways to keep our bodies and our minds in good working order?   

I bet you’ve been saving money on petrol? I read this week that bicycle sales are going gang-busters! Thankfully my treadly is still in good working order (thanks to Jan at Cycle Away!).

There’s no better time to be thinking about saving money, both at home and in your business. That’s why I’m excited this week to share an exclusive offer for WNA Members that can help you save money on your electricity and gas bill AND support a worthy charity. Read the details below or head straight to I Empower Through My Power to find out more.   

And before I go, a big ‘shout out’ to all those WNA Members who have taken advantage of the opportunity to update their Member Profile on the WNA website, and shared business information through the WNA Facebook Group. Keep reading to find out about our new “Monday Matchmaker” session starting next week!   

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P.S. Don’t forget our free “Socialise at Sunset” virtual networking session is on again this afternoon (Friday) from 4:30pm. Follow the link to register via Zoom.

Exclusive WNA Savings Offer

Through WNA, you can save money and use your power for good!

At WNA, our commitment is to empower women and, as a group, we have a collective power to put our passion into action through an exciting new partnership.

I Empower Through My Power is an energy switching initiative dedicated to women. Together, we can use the power of our purse strings to save and make a contribution to helping vulnerable women and their families. 

Delivered through a WNA partnership with Stellar Property Concierge and Compare For Good, we are creating a movement that puts the power back in your hands. 

Many lives and families have been turned upside down in recent weeks due to COVID-19. With the economic impact of the current health crisis expected to continue for many months to come, it makes good sense for us all to save every penny we can.

So how does it work?

It’s simple. Every time someone makes a switch to a cheaper electricity or gas plan, through I Empower Through My Power not only do they save, but $15 goes to WNA charity partner Safe Haven Community at no cost to you.

How much can I save?

Already a number of WNA members have tried out this service and reported savings. One member received a savings of $150 and another member received a staggering $600 saving!!! a year on their electricity bills. How much you save will depend on your current plan, and how much energy you use at home.

Still not sure how it works?

Make an obligation free call to I Empower Through My Power and a consultant will compare your current bill with offers from other providers. It’s a free service. If you decide to take up the offer, all the paperwork will be done for you and once you’ve switched, the donation to Safe Haven Community will be paid direct at no cost to you.

What is Safe Haven Community?

Safe Haven Community is a national register of community-based, short-term accommodation that helps women and their children escape domestic abuse. They have been experiencing a tremendous surge in the number of women calling the service as a result of social isolation rules, and an escalation in domestic and family violence. 

Safe Haven Community is a small lean not-for-profit charity where every dollar makes a difference. We know that our donation will go directly to doing good for women who need it.

Will I get bothered by telemarketers?

No. This partnership includes strict privacy provisions to keep your decisions in your hands. WNA does not provide contact details to any third party. You contact the call centre if you would like a savings consult.  Rest assured as well that our call centre is not a normal experience. They are based in Melbourne and they will not sell your data or bother you after the initial consult without your permission. 

This offer allows us to exercise our purchasing decisions to save money and potentially save lives. Contact I Empower Through My Power on 

1300 271 814 for a free bill comparison – it is a short consult time and if you have your last energy bills on hand it is even faster.  

Go online to register for a call back.


We’re bringing WNA’s events directly to you! 

WNA Virtual, packed with practical tips and delivered by inspiring speakers whoshare their secrets, is now launched and will be your lifeline to survive andthrive! 

Join us for the first season of live webinars, or sign up for individual episodes.  

Earlier this week we enjoyed the first episode of WNA Virtual with Leading Voice Coach Sally Prosser. Sally gave a fantastic presentation and showed us “five ways to avoid your listener hitting mute”. Sally reiterated the critical role that our voice plays in connecting with others during this time of teleconferencing and social distancing. This quote from Sally really resonated: “Your voice is the soundtrack of your personal brand.” What a fantastic way to think about the part your voice plays in creating client or customer impressions.

Episode Two of WNA Virtual is coming up quickly. Presented by Janet Camilleri, of Front Page Web Writing, Episode Two will teach you the secrets to getting found online and ensure that when things return to normal (and they will!) your website will beat the top of those search results!

Book your ticket for Episode Two by clicking the button below.

Also coming up early next month is Episode Three – “Marketing is an Engine, So Don’t Stop Now” presented by Stacy Farrell. In times of turbulence, it’s tempting to think of marketing as a switch that can be turned on and off. But that’s not how it works. Marketing is an engine that starts slowly and builds up momentum.The more fuel you add, the more momentum you gain and the more effective it is. So, what do you need to do in the current climate and how do you continue your market activities when budgets are drying up?

Book your tickets for Episode Three by clicking the button below.

How did you find last week’s “Time-filling Tips”? If you have any great tips or recommendations, please feel free to pass them on so that they can be included in this section.

As mentioned above, this week we were joined by Sally Prosser for episode one of WNA Virtual. During her presentation Sally mentioned her podcast, “That Voice Podcast” and her last episode about controlling emotion in your voice. It is definitely worth taking the time to listen to this one!

Sick of binge watching the latest shows on your chosen streaming service? Why not virtually escape your lounge room and visit one of those travel destinations your yearning to head off to right now? Some popular options include a live stream of the Northern Lights from Canada or the sun setting over Waimea Bay in Hawaii. We might not be able to travel at the moment, but that shouldn’t stop us from witnessing beautiful places in the world!

On Monday in our WNA Facebook Group we’ll be playing matchmaker! It’s the opportunity to use the network to share and source the products or services that you need. You can make a request or an offer, and then take “matched” discussions offline and hopefully help each other to keep moving forward. It’s a fabulous opportunity, so over the weekend put some thought into whether this might suit you. Be ready on Monday morning to post your offer or request via the WNA Facebook Group and you could find your perfect match!

During last week’s WNA Socialise at Sunset, our members shared a selection of book recommendations. Check out the list here.

We will be using our WNA social media channels to promote member businesses and to share your blogs and online events, as well as giving you the opportunity in our Facebook Group to promote your business every Tuesday

This week we feature wonderful WNA Member Athena Daniels, International Bestselling Author. Take a look below to find out more about Athena.

Athena Daniels is the #1 international bestselling author of the award-winning Beyond the Grave paranormal romance series and romantic thrillers The Scream Behind Her Smile and Desperate. Based in Western Australia, Athena also holds several qualifications in metaphysics and natural therapies. She is a neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)practitioner, life coach and feng shui specialist.

Find out more about Athena on the WNA website.

Do you know someone who would benefit from being part of WNA? 

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